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  • Neurology Program

    Neurology Program

    Neurologists consult on-site monthly Stroke rehab program

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  • Congestive Heart Failure Program

    Congestive Heart Failure Program

    Lee Manor is now using a revolutionary device to help reduce hospital readmissions by CardioMedix called the Physio-Glove; a 12 lead ECG…

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  • Urology Program

    Urology Program

    Urologist that rounds on-site monthly Bladder Scanner

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  • Pulmonary Program

    Pulmonary Program

    Pulmonologist monthly rounds on-site Respiratory therapist on-site during the week and on-call 24/7 Tracheostomy care

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  • Wound Care Program

    Wound Care Program

    Wound Care Certified Registered Nurse on staff Weekly wound rounds with a board certified surgeon Wound Vac, Mist therapy, specialty…

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  • Hospice Program

    Hospice Program

    Contracted inpatient saervices with Advocate Hospice Contracted with multiple Hospice providers in the area

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  • IV Therapy

    IV Therapy

    IV certified nursing staff IV antibiotic therapy TPN

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  • Ortho Program

    Ortho Program

    On site Physical and Occupational therapists 7 days a week We follow individual surgeon protocols INR machine Comprehensive pain management

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    Malesuada fames ac

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